Link Manager

Copy, customize, and share your links straight from your phone and view the top performance.

What Is Link Manager?

Link Manager is an application that generate a link which automatically assign customers to different salesman every time they click on the link. Merchants can assign their salesmen according to areas, sequences and so on. 


User Friendly

Friendly interface that easy for everyone to use and understand.


Multiple powerful function that make your business easier.


Assign your salesman just only requires a phone!

Fast Support

Fast response and support from our technical assistance.

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Manage Your Sales On Your Fingertips

Merge Multiple Sales

Link Manager will helps you rotate the leads to every single channel automatically based on the sequence. That means every single channel will receive sales alternately.

Branch Selection

You can set various states or places that the branch staying. With it, the customer can be connected with different salesman based on their local area.

Auto Assignation

Link Manager automatically assigns different salesmen or channels according to sequences, working hours, or areas to every customer.

Assgin by (Working Time)

Link Manager support merchant to adjust the working time for salesman. It will be automatically select the salesman when customer clicks on the link based on the working time of the salesman.

Shorten URLs

Scrap long links! You will get a simple and short domain link for every single page.

Data Analysis

Link Manager system will analyze the traffic and customer source of every single salesman automatically and generate a report for you.

Qr Code Generator

Link Manager support on Qr Code generator that enables you to create and design your Qr Code for your business. That lets your customer easier to achieve the purpose, just scan the code.

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Package Details

Promotion Package

Suitable for any kind of Business
RM 799
  • Assign Sales By Selection
  • Auto Assign Sales
  • Max Link 10
  • Max Channel Per Link 20
  • Reporting
  • QR Code Generator
  • Technical Support
  • Video Tutorials